Environmental Warning Signs

This LVMH Green Trail awarded project is a speculative flag system which highlights areas of climate breakdown around us which might otherwise go unnoticed. 


Using a semiotic inspired 'language' on each flag, this project aims to encourage a new way of thinking when it comes to communicating such issues

A Sign for Change

A conceptual piece using first hand data collection to visualise questions in relation to climate breakdown, taking visual communication influence from semiotics.

Exploring how colour can be used to alter our perceptions in the environment

My dissertation written on the Graphic Communication Design course at Central Saint Martins dissects the communicative powers of colour in relation to climate change. Marrying colour theory and the environment together posed an interesting and unique academic journey, researching how the two work together. 

I AND ME Denim Garment Care


Working with sustainable denim company I AND ME, I had designed the wash care symbols and the identity for their Denim Garment Care instructions.


More images are to follow. 

The Bookpack


The Bookpack: a collaborative project that aims to lift spirits and inspire the homeless community in Kings Cross with good books. The Bookpack is used as a portable library for monthly book exchanges, chats and inspiration. 

Central Saint Martins Degree Show Identity 2019

'Make Your Mark'

Collaborating with Designer Celina Carlisle, we produced an exciting concept for the 2019 Degree Show pitches. 

With strong focus on 'the middle' part of CSM students' unique journeys. Celebrating the middle of their journey shows that nothing is ever easy, and to embrace the peaks and troughs. 

The Colour of 2018


A data visualisation project based on the question 'What colour is 2018?' 



An intricate photographic publication showcasing the colours of Scotland.


Collaborating with the Command+ team, I contributed with written colour analysis for each colour palette made by Scottish landscapes featured within. 

Plain Packaging: Strip it Back


Plain Packaging is a speculative packaging design system to combat unnecessary plastic purchases when plastic free alternatives are readily available and / or affordable. The concept behind this work is to inform the consumer of plastic pollution with detachable informative flash cards. Paired with the plain design, the work takes influence from the unappealing design found on cigarette packaging in the U.K. which aims to deglamourize the aesthetic of smoking by eliminating any exciting design.   

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